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Looking for the best eyelash extension services near Addison?

Our salon’s eyelash extensionists provide a uniquely personal service. We believe that if the eyes are the window to the soul, then beautiful drapes are an absolute must! Our expert lash stylists craft impeccable lash sets that accentuate your gaze with our exquisite lash extension services.

At Myth & Mane, we understand the demands of busy lifestyles. Our lash extensions offer a hassle-free way for individuals to stay glamourous with minimal effort and makeup. Enter our lash salon, where the magic happens, and let our skilled technicians enhance your natural beauty. Whether you opt for classic lash extensions for timeless elegance or volume lash extensions to make a bold statement, we offer a variety of lash extension styles to suit every personality.

Treat yourself at our lash salon

For those feeling particularly flirty or fun, Myth & Mane introduces sparkling and colored lashes to elevate your wink to a new level. Imagine eyes that captivate and sparkle with personality, making you stand out in any crowd.

Conveniently located near Addison in north Dallas, we take pride in being the go-to destination for the best lash extensions in the area. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and personalized service ensures that each visit to our salon is an experience tailored to your unique style and preferences.

Elevate your look, simplify your beauty routine, and embrace the allure of Myth & Mane’s lash extension services.

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